Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: April 12th 2021

Hello Ice Warriors!!!

Happy Monday! It’s been one week since we won March Madness! We thank all of our troops and staff members who have been grinding around the clock day and night after the tournament. Ice Warriors wouldn’t be the same without! We want to shout out this week’s Troop, Recruiter, and Staff member of the week!!! Let’s get right to it!!

Troop of the week: Its Dream & Trails

Its Dream and Trails both have made thier way to become troops of the week! Its Dream has been very passionate about Ice warriors and helping troops make accounts! He has also attended MANY of IW events and you can always find him hyping in main chat! Trials is our second troop of the week! Trials brings amazing energy into IW. You can always find them in main chat and always partcipating in our events! Thank you both Its Dreams and Trails for being amazing rolemodels and we cannot wait to see you grow in IW!

Recruiter of the week: SuperEvilSlayer17

This weeks’s recruiter of the week goes to SuperEvilSlayer17! He has been such an awesome troop within Ice Warriors and now he is putting his passion and dedication towards recrutiing! He brought in a total of 25 recruits last week. Thank SuperEvilSlayer17 for helping Ice Warriors grow bigger and stronger!!! Keep on grinding!

Staff Member of the week: Hiro

Last but not least, we have our meme king Hiro! Hiro has been around Ice warriors for a long time now! He has been very active in helping our new troops make accounts and grinding extremely hard in Ice Warriors with his staff duties. You can find Hiro attending majority of IW events, in our gaming center or just vibing in main!! Congrats Hiro, we are thankful to have you on the staff team! Please enjoy an amazing meme that Hiro made for us! 😀

Wanna be next week Troop, recruitor or staff member of the week? Just remember to help troops our in our main chat, recruit for IW & attend our events! You are always more than welcome to DM me and we can help you reach your goal!!!

Don’t freeze up :iwsalute:

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  1. GOOD JOB keep it up




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