IW’s Pets

Hey Hey IW! It’s ya girl, as you might know, pets can play a big role in our lives. They’re our best friends and are always by our side soooo I decided that we should get to meet some our members’ pets! We got to know about the staff’s crazy dogs and lovely cats!

To get started I asked, what are some of their quirky traits or habits? I asked Maya about her dog Levi, Chevy about her cat Jonny Neenee and Kayles about his cat Merlin.

Maya: a funny thing about Levi is that he loves pillows :hehe: sometimes he wanders into my room and I think “oh, he wants to lay on my bed” but nope, he comes in and pulls a pillow or two off of my bed, and puts them in his own dog bed. He has like 2 pillows of his own yet he still steals them from others haha

Chevy: First of all, my cat’s name is Neenee, and honestly he can’t do a single thing except for eat and follow me around. I think he secretly wants to jump in front of me so that I trip every single time I walk past the kitchen, just so that I can feed him. This is probably the only thing he knows how to do.

We all know his real name is Jonny

Kayles: I could honestly go on forever about the weird things he does, from kicking toys to chewing cables. But the weirdest thing is probably when he sleeps on his back in the middle of the floor, he finds it comfy somehow :xd:

Somehow Merlin finds this position comfy

Then I asked DrQueen and Subster: What’s something that makes your pet special to you?

DrQueen: I got Snowy when I smol DrPrincess. She came home on Christmas day with a little bow and she is my first pet I ever owned. Snowy was there for me on my darkest days and as someone who studies medicine in school, it gets really tough and you have days where you wanna give up. So coming home to her everyday just makes me forget about those stressors and just gives me comfort, she’s been through it all with me :awe~1:

Look at her cute Bandana!

Subster: Omg yes ❤ So basically I’m allergic to cats and dogs 😦 so I can’t have one as a pet but I grew up with Guppies, my favorite guppy’s name was Pineapple bc she would always live in spongebobs pinapple house in the aquarium. So eventually when I moved houses with my family we downgraded to Beta fish since it was a lot of work caring for a huge tank and the fish kept having babies :screams: so we had a fish before peter Parker, his name was Spunky and he would throw rocks at the glass of his tank when he was hungry :xd: eventually my cousin took him when she moved out and then he died like 2 months ago :waaa: so we got a new beta, peter parker!!! We named him that bc he’s blue and red and my family loves spiderman/ marvel. He’s a funny little fish and likes to sleep on his leaf bed!! and he hates getting his tank cleaned :(( but he’s a good friend!!! Sometimes ill talk to him when I’m having a bad day and its like he understands in some way. We also play hide and seek around his tank!!! He’s hard to find sometimes :xd:

As we all know, there’s two pets in IW that we know for talking in Latin and staring at Lamps:omg:I asked Cherry about her thoughts on these rumors.

Cherry: so my ‘demon dogs’………. number one: they :clap: are:clap: not:clap: DEMONS.:clap: number two: my precious babies maya and jake dont deserve the demon name because they are not demons!! ok what if they DO stare at lamps and books,,, and no they dont speak latin because apparently someone thinks they do!! in summary, i do NOT agree with their nicknames ❤

Maya ❤ A bit interesting ngl

and Jake <33

Now we have a few of our troops’ pets!

A cool skeloton’s Cat!

Kermit’s bird!

and last but not least…. Cosmos dog!

I absolutely loved getting to know a lot of IW’s pets! So much variety as well, you can see more of them in the #Pets channel as well and remember to send pictures of your own fur baby!

Remember to react to our next events in #ausia-event-information and #event-information and
Keep Being Amazing!:Bluehearts:

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