The Story of the IW Simpettes

Hi Ice Warriors!

As you all probably know, Ice Warriors have many simps, for example, DrQueen and Orange. However, there was a Simp Squad made a few months ago. The members of this squad called themselves Simpettes, but what are the IW Simpettes, and is Orange one of them? Continue reading to find out! 

First of all, what are the IW Simpettes? It all started with an allied raid, the RPF Simpettes were flooding the Ice Warriors main chat. They were calling Orange a simp and a noob (which he is). He was frustrated with this attack and needed a way to counteract the RPF Simp Squad, so he created the IW Simpettes.

He thought this plan was going to work wonders. With his own simp squad, they would for sure defend Orange… right? It seemed to do the exact opposite. Instead, they joined forces with the allied simpettes and attacked Orange.

What was Orange to do? Multiple people were calling him a clown, a simp, and even a noob! The clown tried to fight back, but the Simpettes were too strong. In the end, he had to run away from main chat and hope that they would stop. The Simp Squads failed to do so and instead told all the troops that Orange was a simp. A bigger simp than both squads combined! 

At least 1000 of these were from DrQueen

When the troops found out about this they questioned if Orange was a Simpette himself. There was the assumption that he was, but nobody found out the answer for sure. That’s why we’ll be asking him today. Is Orange the true IW Simpette leader, or is it a hoax?

Chevy: Are you the true IW Simpette Leader?

Orange: No :E6:

A very short answer, a very quick one as well. Personally, I think it’s a lie. Maybe he’s shy, we’ll never know. What’s for certain, though, is that he is a simp. Possibly the 2nd biggest simp in IW, 1st place goes to SHADOW. 

Do you think Orange is the true IW Simpette leader? Comment down below what you think!

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  1. ofc he is like


  2. He is def the true leader


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