Fan Art Friday #21

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today it’s Friday, you know what that means… Fan Art Friday! Today we take a long adventure through the #fan-art channel in a dangerous quest to find this week’s art. Waddle along with me as we look through these 4 amazing art pieces. Was your art featured this week? Continue reading to find out!

To start our compilation off, we have an “old man holding a machine gun” made by our Major Teny! His name is Glenn Zövsen. What an awesome piece!

Chevy: What (if there is anything) inspires you to make art?

Teny: What inspires me to make art… I don’t really think I have the inspiration to make art. I just draw when I feel like it, but there are rare occasions where I am inspired to do art, yet I can’t seem to think of a scenario or reason why.

Next up we have an amazing mountain made by our Private First Class, Cr27STAl_w0Lf4C8hU. That little penguin is going to do amazing things.

For our third piece, we have a calming sky made by the one and only Staff in Training TheNathanBoy! Looks very pretty!

Chevy: Is there any reason you make art, or do you just do it for fun?

TheNathanBoy: Well, I make them into stickers which I sell, which make me money, so I can boost IW.

Last, but definitely not least, we have four-pixel arts made by our 4th in Command, Josh. They show our awesome divisions as well, which I think is really cool. Thank you, Josh!

Chevy: I know a lot of people have been wondering this… what program do you use to make your pixel art?

Josh:, so this is what I tend to use.

The art this week was amazing! If you have any fan art that you would like to share with us, post it in #fan-art! We’d love to see your art. Now, while you are here, go check out our events…


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