Q & A: Time in Ice Warriors!

Heyaaa Ice Warriors!

I hope everyone is having an amazing day so far. It’s Tuesday and you all know what that means. That’s right! A new Q & A has been released! Today, I interviewed IceQueen, Swirl, Maya, and Gavin Keep on reading to see what they said!

What are your hobbies?

IceQueen: Right now, my main hobby is obviously Ice Warrior’s xD. But outside of IW, I love Ice Skating :ice_skate: , Painting, reading fantasy novels, and manga, watching dramas and anime.

Swirl: My hobbies are playing rocket league, basketball, and spending time on discord

Maya: My hobbies mainly are playing field hockey, drawing, and watching anime haha

Gavin: Well my hobbies are Singing, dancing, acting, playing video games, hanging on IW, and learning new things every day


Why did you join the Ice Warriors?

IceQueen: I joined IW through Club Penguin Online. Back in April 2020, I saw little cute blue penguins advertising codes and huge coin bundles, that grabbed my attention and I made a discord account just to join the IW Discord :xd~2: . (Legend has it that IceQueen only joined events for the CPO coins and codes and nothing else. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Swirl: I joined Ice Warriors because Dizzy told me IW played rocket league so, like the Rl fanboy I am, I joined and decided to stay cause everyone was chill

Maya: I joined IW for a new experience in the army community. I had been in Help Force for a long time prior to coming here, but then I decided to join IW for a new adventure 🙂

Gavin: Well I joined during CPO era, so my 1st reason was the free coins lol, but as soon as I joined I felt so welcomed and a community I thrived in that I chose to stay.


What’s your favorite part of Ice Warriors?

IceQueen: My favorite part of IW is the Ice Family. The troops, staff, HCOM, many of you are my good friends and just being around you all every day makes me so happy :grin: . I can’t say it enough but I really do appreciate and love all of you so much. :tl1HeartsBlue:

Swirl: I’d say hanging out in the main chat with all the other troops is one of the best things since the chat is never-ending and it’s always full of laughs

Maya: If I had to choose only one, it’d be the people. I’ve made a ton of friends in the server, and everyone’s so cheerful and energetic in the main chat 🙂

Gavin: The community, because what keeps us going is all of the people and their character, their quirkiness that makes them unique


What do you want to accomplish in the Ice Warriors?

IceQueen: Hmm that’s a huge question. My focus has always been all of you, I’m here for you all and I’m always striving to make Ice Warriors the best possible place it can be, a place where you all can be safe, relax, have fun and make everlasting memories with your friends :GlowHeart:. Army-wise, I want to continue to help IW to grow and help with ensuring that Ice Warriors remain on top. :iwsalute: :elsa~1:

Swirl: I haven’t really thought about it but ever since winning mm, id wanted to accomplish winning more tourneys in the future

Maya: I hope to become a member of the trusted staff team!

Gavin: I want to be the best person I can be and hopefully be a pillar of the community

That wraps up today’s Q&A! I hope everyone enjoyed learning about more of our Ice Warriors Staff! Make sure to check out #event-information. Continue being amazing <333

Ice Warriors Forever and always!

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