Trivia Thursday #19

Why hello there Ice Warriors,

Pretty nice week we’re getting, right? The Summer warmth is slowly taking over planet earth in the Northern Hemisphere, can’t say the same about the Southern Hemisphere though…

Anyways! Today is Thursday! and you know what that means…? Trivia Thursday of course! The lovely game where you can get snowflakes just by answering 5 simple questions!

But before we go straight up to the game, let us take a minute to congratulate our winners from the previous Trivia Thursday! Congratulations to… TheNathanBoy, Et3rnal_Vo1d, and Cloudy512Let’s take a look at the answers from last week!

1. Chevy

2. DrQueen

3. Purple, Steph and, Giro

4. Being active in chat, attend events, encourage others to follow rules, help others, and being respectful.

5. Chaos Clowns

For those who may be confused and are new to these types of articles, let me explain… Trivia Thursday is a weekly game where there would be 5 different questions, which you answer in the comment section right below this post. By doing so, if you answer all 5 questions correctly, and you are one of the first 3 people to answer, you win SNOWFLAKES, which are our server’s currency. With SNOWFLAKES you can buy a variety of roles in the shop found in #bot-commands. Now without further ado, let us proceed with this week’s questions…

1. How many people possess the IW Veteran role?

2. What day was the IW MC Server peek first introduced?

3. Who is best known to be a Tayto Chip Lover?

4. Complete The Sentence, Don’t ___ Up

5. Who was given the title of Best VC Leader, for the Summer Awards?


Can you answer these simple questions? Well if you can, make sure you leave your answers in the comment section down below this post! Remember that only the first 3 people to answer correctly will receive SNOWFLAKES. But until then, make sure you keep a close eye on #events-information #announcements and just keep on being awesome and chill.

Until next time…

Shinzou Wo Sasageyo

2 Responses

  1. 1. 84
    2. 11/28/2020
    3. Regan
    4. Dont Freeze Up
    5. DrQueen and JOSH <33333


  2. 1) 84
    2) 11/28/20
    3) regan
    4) dont freeze up
    5) josh and drqueen (my big won wooooo)


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