Fan Art Friday #26

Hey Ice Warriors!

Happy Friday! If you haven’t yet checked out our #fan-art channel, make sure you do. We have so many fabulous artists in Ice Warriors! Keep on reading to find out which art pieces have been selected for today’s Fan Art Friday article!

Our first piece is a cute and funny art piece from our Sergeant, Buggiefae!

‘IW Art’ by BuggieFae!

IceQueen: Hey Buggie! This is so cuteee, what’s the story behind your art?

BuggieFae: It’s someone laughing about someone crashing into an iceberg (the IW badge).

Here is a beautiful drawing from our IW Veteran, Roman!

roman outside on a bench under a light

‘Outside on a bench under a light’ by Roman!

IceQueen: Heyo Roman, I’ve never seen you use the < 3 before (readers: check #FanArt Friday to see this rare sight) , ahem. Anyway lol, what inspired you to make this drawing?

Roman: School lol.

IceQueen: Expand lmao.

Roman: Lol ok. It was a thing we had to do in drama class, we had just finished reading a play and our assignment was to draw a sketch of a scene that could be built and used as a set in a play. So I picked the easiest scene (outside on a bench under a light) and finished the sketch during the class. Afterwards I took it home because I thought it was one of my better sketches I’ve done. Once I got home, I borrowed some of my Dad’s good colored pencils/crayons (I don’t remember what it was exactly) and I colored it. I thought I could make it look good so I spent around 3 hours coloring it non-stop, multiple layers of color for the sky and the ground. I took it back to my class and got like a 102 or something and then my Mom wanted it and got it framed lol.

This next piece is a very cool sketch made by our Warrant Officer, Mikey!

‘Manjiro sano when he’s young’ by Mikey!

IceQueen: Hi Mikey, this is an awesome drawing, how did you make it?

Mikey:  I used an app called Ibis Paint.

This colourful art is made by our Private, Sky Pupperz!

‘Ghost Sadness and a Butterfly’ by Sky Pupperz

IceQueen: Hi Sky, I love your art! what programme did you use to create it?

Sky Pupperz: Oh, that’s an easy question. I use FireAlpaca! ^w^. It’s a program for painting if you already know! :3

The following is a very detailed drawing by our Staff in Training, Alex!

‘Train’ by Alex!

IceQueen: Hey Alex, this is a great drawing, what did you use to make it?

Alex: I used a pencil, an eraser, and my fingers for the shading.

The last two pieces are special mentions from our recent IW Fashion Contest! Congratulations to our Head Generals JustAsh and Kozs2000 for winning!

Left: ‘Hand Sewn IW Badge Shirt’ by Kosz 2000! Right: ‘Ice Warrior Elsa!’ By JustAsh! 

Hope you all enjoyed the Art pieces in today’s post!  Comment below on your favourite one!

If you would like your art to be featured next time, make sure to post it in the #fan-art channel of our Discord!

Love Yourselves! 

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  1. Omg These all look so good! Good job yall


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