Fan Art Friday #28

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you guys have all had a great week so far. As we get closer to the upcoming Legends Cup tournament, it’s time to take a step back and look at some of this week’s amazing art pieces shared by members of the IW community. If you guys wish to participate in next week’s Fan Art Friday, make sure to post your artwork in #fan-art to get the chance to be featured in the next post and also show off your artistic talent! Now with that all being said, let’s dive into some of this week’s art pieces down below.

First up, we have an awesome Pikachu drawing created by Staff in Training, Penguin. This particular piece is dedicated to our Trusted Staff member, Josh.

Snow: How did you create this art piece? (what program did you use)?

Penguin: I used procreate on the iPad. It’s a great app since I can’t draw a straight line, and on the app you can hold after you draw your line and it’ll be straight :).


Secondly, we have an amazing art piece called ‘Emperor Death’, created by our Private, The Ghost Pirate.

Snow: Could you briefly explain the inspiration/context behind this drawing?

Ghost Pirate: So Emperor Death was inspired from Supernatural, Thanos from Marvel, Darkseid from DC, Rumple from Once Upon A Time and…many final bosses from each movie. What I did on this art was inspiration from She-Ra. Using Prime Hodorka or whatever his name to spell…. I forgot. But you’d get an idea.


Thirdly, we have a quick river sketch drawing created by Ice Warriors Veteran, Roman.

Snow: This looks really detailed for a quick sketch! Did you look at a particular image or come up with this yourself?

Roman: Myself, freestyle. 


Next, we have a really cool art piece created by our Staff in Training, Al, depicting a girl holding an umbrella in the rain.

Snow: Is there a particular inspiration or context behind this art piece?

Al: Ah yes, in fact there is! Okay, so it’s a cool story actually. For a while, I felt a weird sadness but I hadn’t drawn what I wanted to in a long, long time. So I drew this piece of a girl like in the ambience videos pushing away the rain and sadness as a reference to me. The light is a combination of Ice Warriors and the support and encouragement I have gotten from IceQueen and others, it felt really nice to get the drawing off of my chest and I’m suuuper happy with how it looks!


Lastly, we have a beautiful butterfly painting that was created by our Private, NotTheRealBruceWayne.

Snow: I really liked the range and blend in colors in this butterfly painting. What did you use to create it?

NotTheRealBruceWayne: Thank you so much! I used acrylic paint, Liquitex Heavy body acrylic paint, and just some regular acrylic paint varnish after that!


As you guys can see, the artwork displayed is very diverse amongst the IW community, ranging from digital art to hand-drawn pieces like drawings and paintings. I also find it fascinating from talking to our artists how much of these pieces have some sort of meaning or story behind them! With that in mind, I can’t wait to see what else you guys will come up with in your future artwork!

Let us know which of these pieces were your favorite in the comments section! Remember that if you want your art to be featured in our next Fan Art Friday, be sure to post your work in the #fan-art channel! I hope you guys loved reading this and enjoy the rest of your week!

Ice Warriors Forever!


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