TOTW, ROTW, SMOTW, ROTM: 2021 Half-Year Recap

Hey Ice Warriors!

Half of 2021 is already over! Isn’t it crazy? For this reason, the IWNC has put together a recap of all Troops, Recruiters, and Staff Members of the Week! In addition to that, you can also find our Reporters of the Month at the bottom as well! If you aren’t on this list yet, do not fret, keep it up and one day your name might be on this list too!

Staff, Recruiter and Troop of the Week: January – June 2021

January 18th: Gavin & Krosive

January 25th: Emmauttir & Five

February 1st: Blu & Infinite

February 8th: Swirl, Impoztor & Crazyflame

February 15th: Cyrenstorm & Kally, Levelz, Kristina

February 22nd: Stacy, Kirb & Nathan & Dizzy

March 1st: Hana, Melonz & Jean & Freedomist

March 8th: Blueraven & Erza & HeadChicken

March 15th: Meliodas & Grace of Ice & GhostGirl

March 22nd: Sour, Et3rnalVo1d & Zen & Five

March 29th: Liam, Erza & Stacy & Infinite, Chevy

April 5th: Halotrixx, Oxperation, YeetusDilitus & Red & Alucard, Archie

April 12th: ItsDream, Trails & Super & Hiro

April 19th: Origin, p1nguino8 & Hana & Jean, Maya

April 26th: Erin, Aiga & Et3rnalVo1d & Waddle, Purple

May 3rd: Teny, Flimflam & Red & Cloudy, Erza

May 10th: Kimu, Marsy & Cooper & Levelz, Et3rnalVo1d

May 17th: PrincessPiya, Sirgoncalo & Penguin & Crisy, Ben

May 24th: Joe & PrincessPiya & Stacy

June 7th: Silver boy & p1nguino8 & Josh

June 14th: Ash & Melonz & Red

June 22nd: Darkmatrixx, Stella & WaterQueen, Penguin

June 29th: CookiePookie & dino chip & Impoztor

Reporter of the Month: April – June 2021

April: HeadChicken

May: Chevy

June: Jean

There you have it! Remember to check #events-information for our next events, and as always…


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