Events Post: September 5th, 2021 – September 11th, 2021

Subzero, Ice Warriors Capital –  What’s going Ice Warriors!

Now that IW Subzero Olympics is over, we begin to see Ice Warrior’s resuming back to its normal themed events! Even though this week was much more relaxed, definitely Ice Warriors remained strong throughout all events, and many troops enjoyed it! Next week we have a special something happening for yall! Stayed tuned onto our IW server to learn more! Let’s get right into this week’s recap!

[AUSIA] Herbert Takeover

Max: 43

Disclaimer: Crustycheet0 (Erin)and FarhardIW are IW troops

[EU/UK] Olympics Closing Ceremony

Max: 32


Max: 33

Disclaimer: Lunalove317 is our staff

[AUSIA] Racecar takeover + PB with Water Vikings

Max: 20

Disclaimer: Bricoz is IW Troop

[EU/US] PB with Water Vikings

Max: 30

[EU/US] PB w/ ACP + Connect 4

Max: 30

Disclaimer: qwb456 is IW Troop

[US] Penguins at Work Takeover

Max: 27

Disclaimer: 2 penguins are right on top of each other at the bottom middle. Please refer to the picture below.

That’s all for now folks! This week was a successful week. Let us Ice Warriors continue to dominate every week! September drop who?!?!?

Live life from one high to another

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