Sunday Funday #7

Hello Ice Warriors!

I hope you’ve all had an incredible week, and for some of you, the first week of school! It’s time to take your minds off your homework and complete some fun games for snowflakes instead. You’ve guessed it, it’s time for another edition of Sunday Funday!

First up, we have a fun and challenging maze puzzle! Find your way to the end, but don’t run into the poisonous flowers, they’re dangerous. Best of luck!

Our second game is to spot the difference! Below is a picture of the IW penguin with five differences on each picture! The oddities can be added or removed. Do you think you can spot them all?

Our third puzzle is a new and even more challenging edition of unscrambling the phrase. In this game, try to find the missing term from a set of scrambled words!

1.) pb omenorl

2.) oavdcao

3.) frc aiveer yleofi

 For the last game, We’re going to play Where’s Waldo, but staff. Try to find the requested staff or trusted staff in each event picture. Good Luck to everyone!

Can you find our Trusted staff, Levelz (CPR username: Levelz2)

Can you spot our Leader, DrQueen (CPR username: DrQueen)

Lastly, can you spot our Trusted Staff, Freedomist (CPR username: Freedomist IW)

Alrighty, folks, that wraps up this edition of Sunday Funday! Did you have fun completing our games? Make sure to send a screenshot of your answers to either .penguin#7613, Purple ♡#4411, or kristina#4444 to receive snowflakes. Don’t forget to react in #events-information and attend our upcoming battles and takeovers on CPR! Enjoy the rest of your lovely Sunday, and most importantly…

Don’t Freeze Up!


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