Troop & Staff of the Week: September 13th, 2021

Subzero, Ice Warriors News Center – This week Ice Warriors successfully placed #1 on the Top Ten Board, for the second week in a row! What a major accomplishment! Despite that, definitely, there has been a small decrease in our size, but that isn’t stopping us from coming on top! No Matter What, we must stick together. This week our troop of the week and staff of the week have been selected based on their constant activity and the amount of work they put in for welcoming troops, staying interactive in our main, and mostly attending our CPR events. Let’s dive in to see who they can be!

Troop of the week: Sebzy!

Staff of the Week: Pickle Queen!

Congrats to both Sebzy and PickleQueen for being selected this week! Definitely, both of these individuals worked very hard to earn this title. Remember to keep on recruiting, attending events, and interacting in the main chat to get a chance to be selected for next week’s troop of the week/staff of the week! Until then….

Live life from one high to another 

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  1. wooo congrats!


  2. congratsss!!!


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