Q&A: The Biggest QT in IW

Hello friends! Welcome to the Q&A, this week I went around the IW community and investigated who the biggest QT of Ice Warriors’ could be! Keep reading to find out what I discovered!

The Ice Warriors have been around since 2007, and we have had thousands of troops, staff, and leaders join and leave the army, but IW has still maintained its loveliness. I asked a couple of our members about why they like IW, check out what they said!

Why do you like Ice Warriors?

Eterny: well, there are a lot of things that I like about IW, mainly the community in general, everyone is so kind! IW is also a club penguin army which is very cool aswell, most of the leaders are very creative, and the staff are helpful!

Rachy: I don’t like IW, I love them, they’re like family to me and everyone is super nice. The leaders are amazing at what they do and the staff team is always so helpful. I’ve made some amazing friends joining the army and I love being around them all the time uwu

JJBoii: well i like IW because the events they host playing games with eachother building contests club penguin theres alot about iw its fun because you can hangout with people also and leaders their nice and fun to be in a group of people that you can be with or hangout spending time on discord and before i joined iw my discord was always empty like only one person would text me but iw is a fun server to be in i really enjoy it.

Next, I began the quest to discover who the greatest QT was, I asked many people, all came up with different, and exciting answers!

Who is the biggest QT in IW? 

Purple: hmmmm…. -cough- everyone knows my answer :nrdDrQueen: it’s Drqueen (it’s not even a question) I’m not saying that cuz I simp for her :OOP: but she’s a whole a qt :ODAPERIODT: :RedFace:

Levelz: Penguin

Jiky: Idk, But i think its tokyo

Zedey: hmmmm, reddy.

I also asked the three people who talk about this a lot, sometimes even engaging in conflict about it!

Penguin: The biggest cutie in IW is erza :7acosp_blushing: she’s super nice and sweet to everyone and she’s always willing to help others! also erza is fun to vc with.

Josh: biggest QT? without a doubt it has to be Erza even if she doesn’t want to admit it :qterza:

Erza: Is that even a question !? XD. The biggest cuties in IW more of like the biggest cuties in this entire world are Penguin and Josh, no doubt. But the sad part is they calling me a cutie cuz I am legit not and don’t act like a cute person at all, rather I’ll call myself a clumsy person who’s always lost and doesn’t know what’s going on, lol. I’ve seen, had conversations with both Josh and penguin and they are so sweet, nice, such marshmallows, the way they shower their love towards everyone it’s just way too adorable when they are around, how they act, the way they reply, their voice/ they sound kawaii or whatever they do it’s just so cute. Such sweethearts, hence I consider them as the biggest cuties here.

Looks like they are stuck in a triangle for who is the biggest QT, so, the only way to solve this, was going directly to sir IceyFeet himself!!

Whos the biggest QT in IW? 

Icey: Me.

There you have it, Icey is the biggest QT in IW!! Keep an eye out for more exciting events this week, for those promotions and snowflakes! 

Who do YOU think the biggest QT in IW is? Comment below! And make sure to stay tuned for more IW posts coming out and as always,

Don’t Freeze Up!

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