Spooky Season with the Ice Warriors

Hello Ice Warriors! As the days get shorter, and the weather gets colder we’re approaching the enchanting season of fall! Although this is a season many of us adore, there are a few controversies surrounding fall. People have very different opinions on the things associated with the season, and we’ve set off to find them out!

First of all, pumpkin spice lattes! Many people are anticipating their return to cafés, while others dread seeing them on the menu. Let’s see what a couple of warriors think!

Sebzy: I like it.

Lucy: Tbh I don’t really like pumpkin… unless it’s mashed or cooked especially when it’s added to sweets. But lattes are generally very good!

A few mixed responses here! With our uniform, it’s clear to see the Ice Warriors are an extremely fashionable army! For our next question, we asked our troops to describe their favorite fall outfit! Here are their responses!

Licx: Okay so it would be something modest like a cute maroon fuzzy coat with a cropped knit sweater vest, some bright coloured jeans (Amalfi) and for the feet it would be the black H&M Knee-High Boot.

IceyAvocado: My favorite fall outfit would probably be the same as my every day outfit cause I’m lazy lol – a sweater, with pants or shorts.

Lugia: The crab because it’s cute!

All lovely sounding outfits! One of the best things about fall has got to be the spooky season, and with that comes all the films that people watch during it! For our final question, the troops were asked about their favourite Halloween movie!

Picklefrog: Goosebumps because its stupid to see the people act all scared.

Lugia: Night before Christmas because it has cute characters and is funny.

Via: My favorite Halloween movie is Coco of Pixar. It is more of a friendly movie than scary. But the theme was Halloween. In this movie, I enjoy watching it with my family and friends. One more thing I love about this movie is it also teaches us how to value time, how to treasure and create memories with our loved ones, and let us not forget the people who we spend happy memories with within this lifetime even if they already passed away. I guess that’s all, thank you. : )

Some great answers. Fall is truly a special time of the year, with so many things to do. I’m sure that we’re all looking forward to seeing the leaves turn brown, pumpkins in people’s windows and spooky movies on tv channels! It’s clear our troops are enthusiastic about this new chapter of the year, as we hope you are too!

And there you have it IW, is it really pumpkin spice and everything nice? What is your go-to outfit? Are Halloween movies overrated? Would you pick the same answers as above or do you have different choices? Let us know your opinions down below or in #main chat. Keep it spooky IW! 

3 Responses

  1. Costa and Starbucks, their Autumn limited editions drinks, Pumpkin Spice Latte – I’m in love :uff:




  3. it’s time to watch hocus pocus


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