CPR Furniture Catalog Cheats: September 2021

Hello Ice Warriors! We have another new catalogue for September, let’s take a look at what party and hidden items are in these editions of Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades!

On the first page, you can find: A Ferris Wheel Chair, Big Show Curtains and a Regal Table

On the second page, you can find: Bumper Obstacles, a Barrel Chair and an Archeological Dig Decal

On the third page you can find a Cityscape

On the fourth page you can find: a Pirate Ship, Mars and A Pink Plastic Castle

On the fifth page you can find: a Snack Stand and an S Curve Ramp

On the sixth page, you can find a railroad piece

On the final page, you can find: a Gold Railroad Piece and a Gold Railroad Intersection

On this page of the Igloo Upgrades, you can find some Pink Carpet and Linoleum Flooring

That’s all for now! I’m so excited they brought back the comfy crab again, my igloo is filled to the brim with them!

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