Troop/Staff of the Week: March 27th, 2022

Hewwo Ice Warriors :3

Happy Sunday!! After our March Madness Quarter-Finals win yesterday, there were definitely some individuals who were putting in a lot of effort to help in the last week. This is the time when we look back on the previous week to highlight the most hardworking members and announce the TOTW and SMOTW!

Troops of the Week: Feigh.A

Staff Member of the Week: RamenBender6

Congrats to Feigh.A who has achieved the role of Troop of the Week! They have worked so hard this week. From attending the majority of the events, to being active in main, Feigh.A does everything to make troops feel welcome in the ice warriors. Thank you for being an amazing troop Feigh, congratulations!

RamenBender6 is one of our Major Generals and has been an outstanding staff member for the Ice Warriors for a long time! She has long been one of our most frequent attenders and welcomes many people into the Ice Warriors. We have her to thank for many of our successes and for this, she is our Staff Member of the Week – congrats Ramen!

Make sure to congratulate all of them if you see them around in IW! We’ll be going against RPF in the next round of the tournament!! It’s a great time to start attending events and talking in the main chat if you wanna be noticed to get up here for the next week. Let’s get this win Ice Warriors, see you guys next week !!

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