Weekly Recap: March 20th – 26th

Heyo Ice Warriors!

We have had one jam-packed week! From training as Ninjas to the Hot Sauce Takeover, there have been so many fun events! Also, what a way to wrap up this week by winning the March Madness Quarterfinals! You all have been incredible! Time to check out this week’s recap…

Capture the Flag with our Silver allies has been rescheduled, the event will be posted soon!

March Madness Semifinals is in one week, come to as many events this week to prepare!

Congratulations to RamenBender on her promotion to Command Officer!

Welcome to Kapi, Toony and Bee who are our newest SITs to join the team!

Jay and Stacy earned the rank of Major General! Well done to you both!

Congratulations to Infinite who is our newest 2nd in Command!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[AUSIA] Coin Mining + MM Training

Max: 24


[EU/US] Ninja Training

Max: 32


[EU/US] PB vs Secret Service

Max: 27

24 124 224 3

[AUSIA] Hot Sauce Takeover

Max: 18


[EU/US] MM Training

Max: 26


[EU/US] March Madness Quarterfinals vs Water Vikings

Max: 41

26 126 226 326 4

Be proud of all the hard work you all have been putting in! Rest up and let’s start to prepare for the March Madness Semifinals!

Love you all forever and always, remember to love yourselves ❤

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