Troop/Staff of the Week: April 10th, 2022

Hey MM Champions and Threepeaters! The past week we saw ourselves win March Madness for the third year in a row as all our hard work paid off. There was a lot of effort put into this win and we also saw many new troops join us in our glorious and victorious tournament campaign. Today, we present to you our Troop of the Week and Staff Members of the Week!

Troop of the Week: Hilal

Staff Members of the Week: Silver & Alucard

Hilal is a very active troop in Ice Warriors and was just recently double promoted to the rank of sergeant! They’ve been to almost every event this past week and have been seen in our main chat often, talking and hyping up events that are starting!

Please give a huge congrats to Silver who has achieved the role of Staff Member Of the Week! Silver has been a phenomenal VC leader throughout all rounds of March Madness. From yelling at people not doing tactics, to calling out room switches as fast as possible, Silver has been a huge asset to the Ice Warriors this week. Congratulations Silver, thanks for being an awesome VC leader!!!!

Congrats to our newest SMOTW, Alucard. Alucard has achieved this role due to his clear dedication and hard work in the Ice Warriors. He has attended so many events recently, including MM. From recruiting to making troops feeling welcome into the Ice Warriors, Alucard has done everything to earn his well-deserved title of Staff Member of The Week.

Make sure you congratulate all of these hardworking individuals in main chat or DMs for their effort and commitment to the army as we could not get the threepeat without their help. If you want to be featured next time then be sure to attend events, talk in main chat and recruit new members into the army as all your efforts are acknowledged and much appreciated. We hope to see you around in the future and hopefully we can see some of you be featured here next time!

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