Trivia Thursday #57

Hello Ice Warriors! Hope everyone had a good week. From this crazy month, from winning March Madness for the third time and CPR getting shut down, we’re still having our usual Trivia Thursday! Let’s congrats to Hunter and Cloudy on getting all of the answers correct. Let’s see what are the answers from the previous Trivia Thursday…

1.  Plaza or Cove

2. Ramen/Hanae, Infinite or Josh

3. True

4. Infinite

5. During late March: More or less 150k

Now we get that aside, let’s move on to this week’s questions :belliw:. First of all, we’ll have around 5 questions you need to answer. There will be various questions, from short answers, multiple-choice, and fill in the blanks. Getting all the answers correct in the comment, you’ll get snowflakes and you can buy roles with it in the #🏦┃shop. And here are the questions:

1. Which is the correct text for the March Madness trophy sticker on our server?

A. March Madness  B. March March  C. Help Force Destroyer  D. Ice Warriors Pro

2. True or False: During the final round in March Madness, we won all three rooms

3. It’s been more than 24 hours since the shutdown of CPR

4. What was the recent Roblox event that we had (Hint: You can check the starboard channel)

5. Fill in the blank: You got games on your _____ ? -Snowy


And that’s it, are you able to answer them all? Don’t forget to put it in the comments section and see if got all of them correct on the next Trivia Thursday! Check #🎮┃games-centre to see what game events we’ll be having coming up and also #🐰┃easter-theme-week egg hunt. And peace out!


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  1. 1. A 2. False 3. True 4. Fashion Show with SE 5. ?


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