Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: June 19th, 2022

Hewwo Ice Warriors :3

It’s Sunday once again and that means new Troop, Staff & Recruiter of the Week!! This week we have some new names up here :e5: make sure to keep on reading to find out who they are!

Troops of the Week: Origin & Yummed

Recruiter of the Week: headchicken & DelightedGOYAL

Staff Member of the Week: Jay & RamenBender

Our Troops of the Week today are Origin and Yummed! Origin has been in the army for a long time now and has recently rejoined and has been active with coming to a lot of our events this week and talking in the chat. And Yummed has only joined a week ago but is at almost every event and can be seen hanging out around the server. Congrats on earning TOTW guys and keep working hard!

It’s the third week since Recruiter of the Week has been back, who are our recruiters this time?! It’s headchicken and DelightedGOYALOver this last week these two staff members have been recruiting members into the army, keep it up guys your hard work is seen, well done!!

I would like to congratulate Jay on getting Staff Member of the Week. Jay has been a powerhouse lately. He’s always helping new troops, being active and overall just being a nice person to work with. Make sure to congratulate him.

Please join me in congratulating RamenBender on getting Staff Member of the Week as well. They have been really active when it comes to attending events, helping out with their duties. Congrats again Ramen we are proud of you.

Congrats again everyone, all six of you have been putting in effort and it has not gone unnoticed, keep it up!! If you want to be up here next Sunday make sure to come to events, chat in the main-chat and help out new troops if they need it! See you all next week :iwsalute:.

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