Misc Friday #6

Hello Ice Warriors!

Welcome to another edition of Misc Friday. I hope everyone is doing well. This will be the 6th edition of Misc Friday and today we will be looking into some amazing things from #iw-memes, #pets, and #fan-art. Let’s dive into today’s post to see what the IW community has come up with for this week! Now, with that excitement, let’s begin!

Let’s start with the channel #iw-memes and take a look at what we got here!

From this channel, we have a meme showing the infinite loading during room switches which is made by our 4th in Command, DelightedGOYAL!

For the next channel, we will be looking into #pets.

Here, we’ve got our 2nd in Command, Chevy’s cute dog named Loco!

2nd misc pic

Chevy’s dog, Loco.

For the last channel, we will be looking into #fan-art, very excited to see those cool arts!

First up, we got a wonderful piece of art by our great artist Skylor!

Cat Brothers

Next, we have a fantastic drawing made by Issac!

Lastly, we have a very good-looking animated art piece from our Major General, Timothy!

Hunter: Your art looks so good and amazing, what was the motive behind your art?

Timothy: It’s just practicing, and also skills from back when I was just a little kid. Well, I wasn’t really skilled at drawing as a little kid, I just scribbled. But they key to art is practice, and constructive criticisms ofc.

What amazing art pieces from all of you. I cannot wait to see more of them from you all!

And with this, we’ll be finishing up this week’s Misc Friday. Hope I was able to lighten up your mood! Make sure to post in #fan-art, #pets, #iw-memes, and #food to get a chance to get featured in our next article. Also, do keep an eye on our next events for the week and react if you will be able to make it. See you later!


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