Weekly Recap: June 19th-25th

Hello There! (iykyk)

Happy Summer Season! As many of our troops are going on summer vacation, we begin to see more activity in our Ice Warriors CPAB events. We aim to bring even more fun events for you guys these next upcoming weeks! This week was sure an eventful week as we got great sizes, plus the promotion of a Leader in Training! Let’s take a look to see what Ice Warriors was up to this week.

We have a huge Legends Cup Training on Sunday. Make sure to attend!

Congrats to our Thunder Guardian, Josh, on his promotion to Leader in Training!

Congrat to HeadChicken on his promotion to 4th in Command!

Congrats to Bepo on her promotion to Major General!

Congrats to Nanna on her promotion to Full Staff!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[AUSIA] Scavenger Hunt

Max: 30

[EU/US] Dads at the Beach w/ RPF

Max: 27

[EU/US] Animal Takeover

Max: 28

[EU] PB vs Mercenaries

Max: 22

[EU] Midsummer Party

Max: 30

May the Ice be with you!

Thank you to Kally, IceQueen, and Levelz for helping count the pictures!

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