Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: June 26th, 2022

Hello hello Ice Warriors.

Another Sunday means a new announcement for our Troop, Staff and Recruiter of the week. Today’s members have worked incredibly for these titles and we salute to them. Let’s go see who they are!

Troop of the Week: Hilal

Recruiter of the Week: Et3rnal_Vo1d

Staff Members of the Week: Et3rnal_Vo1d & Aiga

It’s time for Troop of the Week and Hilal is back again! He was recently promoted to captain at our Promotion Party today and has been active with attending our events over the last few months as well as being active in the discord! Ty for the support Hilal and congrats on TOTW!

Recruiter of the Week AND Staff Member of the Week :E5:!? Yes!! Eternal has been away for a bit but he made his return this past week and has already dived into recruiting, quickly earning ROTW. Congrats Eternal and keep up the amazing recruiting!

For our newest Staff Members of the Week, give big congrats to Eternal and Aiga. Eternal has worked very hard recently, not only with recruiting troops into the Ice Warriors but also helping troops with creating CPAB accounts. Overall, he has been quite versatile this week. As for Aiga, she has always been a helpful member in the staff team ever since she came back. This week, she’s been helping out so much with assisting troops with accounts and reminding troops of events being very active.

Remember to congratulate these members on earning their titles for this week. If you want to be featured next time, remember to attend events, talk in main chat and help others in need. We will see you next week!

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