Going to vacation for 5 days or so.

Hey Ice Warriors,

I am going to the vacation to see my dad, and my grandparents from far away, for like 5 days because l hasn’t seen them for 4 years now, and they’e pretty much older since when l was a kid.
My dad’s grampa is always sick and always has be very strong too. But i’m pretty happy that hes still alive, because l just met him when l was a kid, as well. So, My dad is picking me up tomorrow and l will not be here from July 26, to 30.
I’ll put [On vacation] on the rank in my name as well, so that l wanna make sure that l won’t get demotion or anything.

 photo KyleIWSignature_zps65a9546b.png

Well thats all l can say for you guys, and l will be back soon! Im sorry.
Starting tomorrow.

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