Week in Review (03/16/15 – 03/21/15)

Hey IW,

It’s been a great week so far. I hope we can claim that Number 1 spot again! Read on for the week in review…


[UK/USA] Tournament battle vs Water Vikings (Victory!)

Max: 50 II Averaged: 45


[USA] Training

Max: 40 II Averaged: 35+


[UK] Training

Max: 12 II Averaged: 10


[UK] Training & Recruiting

Max: 20 II Averaged: 15


[UK] Training

Max: 18 II Averaged: 15

[USA] Training

Max: 22 II Averaged: 20+

today e9


[UK] Training

Max: 13 II Averaged: 10

[USA] Training

Max: 23 II Averaged: 20+


[UK/USA] Training

Max: 19 II Averaged: 15

This event was raided by bots.


That’s all for this weeks review. Please note that all UK events were held at 6:30 PM UK time and all USA events were held at 8pm EST. Most event were raided by bots which meant that some had to be cancelled.

~Sammie~ (IW 3ic)

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