Xat Chat Problems with IW

Hey  guys, Trix here. We’ve been having chat problems STILL. (I’m following this upon on Raven). We just gotta stop This nonsense and Fighting. There is abuse, mods not being fair, and more. First I’ma start out with the mods. Mods, We can’t fight. We are supposed to be role models, the members depend on US. The IW Staff. It even goes worst when it’s a Mod fighting with another mod. Abuse, abuse is the main thing here. And rudeness, don’t forget rudeness. Abusing just takes it farther and farther. It only takes one word or two to stop the abuse and fighting. “Stop, Please” That simple. Ice Warriors gotta be nice and loyal. We hope this madness comes to an end. IW 4 Ever!

3 Responses

  1. Amen


  2. Trix is right we can’t fight or we might get banned so don’t fight and we will be all fine and nothing bad will happen. And if you don’t stop fighting then we will ban you forever so plz plz plz stop fighting!


  3. i like ur profile picture trix 🙂


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