The Rise OF Ice!

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[UK] Training on Husky – Results!

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Hey IW, 😀

Today we logged on to Our capital, Husky to have some training and we did great! We had 41 on chat but we maxed 25 and averaged 20. GOOD EVENT!

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Hey IW,

I uploaded all Ice Warriors Christmas/Holidays GFX! Enjoy! Our site is now more Safe, Friendly and good looking:D

~Ice Warriors Ownership

Happy Holidays! :D

Hey Ice Warriors :D!

Wish you guys a great Holidays 😀 Enjoy the 2 days!! Our site currently going on under a construction and we will upgrade to Holidays GFX in next 24 hours! Get ready!!!


~Flen, Ice Warriors 3ic aka Miley’s Son 🙂

Hi :)

Hello Ice Warriors 🙂

This time it’s not only me:) Another Former Troop is coming with me :))))))


~Flen, Ice Warriors 3ic


[UK] Training on Husky – Results

Hey, Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto the server Husky for a training event. It was a fun first event for many new Ice Warriors, thank you to all that attended! FEAR THE ICE.


~Ghost, Ice Warriors Leader/Legend

The UK division and me

Hey Ice Warriors,

Recently you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been inactive, and I’d like to start the post off by apologizing for that. I’ve been busy IRL, but I’m not going to use that as an excuse. I’m sorry.

As UK leader, I must do everything I can to ensure that the UK division rises to become the best it possibly can. In light of that, starting today is our official UK division Restoration Project.

More details will be released soon, but if you are a UK troop this means one thing in particular. Your division is about to grow very, very large. I look forward to watching it rise with all of you, and I hope that all of our UK troops are excited to be part of it.

Sir Pj

Ice Warriors Leader