I`m in

I have joined the Ice Warriors army.

I am seeing that the Ice Warriors have become victim to a lot of bad press by the rest of the community. I am coming into this army to clean the slate of the Ice Warriors, and turn them back into the strong powerhouse they once were without being victim to criticism. I promise that under my leadership that there will be no multi-logging allowed under any circumstances. Those who are found to be multi-logging will be forever banished from this army. This army has been around since 2007 and has a special place in my heart, so I`d hate to see the Ice Warriors turn into the new DCP.

As you probably know, I have also been in two other armies that have been around since 2007, those two being the Dark Warriors and of course, the Rebel Penguin Federation. Under my leaderships of these armies, both reached unprecedented sizes and won multiple tournaments. I have a consistent record and I`d like to keep it going, but I know with the help of my fellow leaders and the wonderful staff and troops that what we achieve here might even surpass that of the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Dark Warriors.

We have the Server Map coming up, and our goal will be to get as many servers as possible. We share a continent with the Army Republic and Rebel Penguin Federation, and we really hope that these two armies will cooperate with us. We will have a long Summer ahead of us, and I can definitely predict that we`ll have to deal with a lot of opposition, but there is a reason why the Ice Warriors have been around since 2007. We can definitely put up a fight.


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