Oh Stop It

Stop trying to point fingers at me.

I and the rest of IW have nothing to do with WV being “booted” or even “multilogging” for their events. Ghost and I have spent the past weeks ensuring IW is a legit army , we removed Badboy from the army due to him being exposed for multilogging. We Removed Trader for attempted assosciation with thebotter.

Below is a picture of the terms Trader, Bam, and Badboy agreed on when they returned IW back from the dead.

These terms are still being enforced. IW will remain a legit army unlike most of this community.

To add on: I haven’t had a “booter” in over 3 years, not since the summer of 2013 when Acid was alive and active. I sure as hell wouldn’t waste my time hitting kids off for talking shit over CP armies. You can talk as much shit as you want, I couldn’t careless. You do you and i’ll do me.

Have fun,

~Andrew24 IW Bum

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3 Responses

  1. >i dont have a booter
    >no multilogging or ull be removed and ddosed
    >you can null before events (LOL)

    Keep trying andrew


    • > Lolipop
      > P1 blah blah blah!
      > Penguin’s with no stamps
      > WV get’s 50 on chat
      > No Null
      > Half of Chat afk

      “We Maxed 50”, My foot. You maxed my d***, thanks.

      I actually thought you’re a good person, but wow! Chip multilogs!



    • Flex on my pen**, Chippa!


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