[USA] VirtualPengu.in Training Session

Hey Ice Warriors, today we had a Training Session on VirtualPengu.in. We started off at the Iceberg where we managed to get about 35 troops, after being snowballed by an unknown invader, we quickly moved to the Town. At the Town we got rid of the snowball invader and gained sizes up to 38. Great job! Expect more of this. Formations were decent but we need to work on our tactics more. 

Max: 38

Average: 35


[1] Exclamation Point Tactic


Picture of Size at Iceberg!5a69aa46a74543e1bc5eedff2ee8ea4f

[E-6] Tongues Tactic!d386bf8c069349d9bf4fccb50ec28e39

[E-7] Winks Tactic!


Ice Warriors Leader

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