Andrew here, typing this on my phone. For the past few months and even last year I’ve been dealing with computer problems as my computer isn’t exactly brand new (bought it in 2012). It’s been fucking up sorta often lately and it seems like it’s finally died.

Therefore I won’t be able to rejoin or even help IW in the slightest. Yes I know, it seems very sketchy that my computer suddenly breaks down the same day Ghost goes MIA due to his internet problems (he should be back soon) but trust me it’s nothing something I want, as xat isn’t the only thing I use it for. My computer is used for multiple stuff outside of both armies and xat, which is a major bitch because my studies and job will have to halt for now.

i currently do not have the money to purchase a new one, so I’m shit out of luck and highly doubt I’ll be seeing you guys any time soon.

This is my goodbye for now, best of luck to the leadership and everyone that holds a rank in this glorious army.

My Kik: AndrewLovesYeww

Stay real,




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