The last chapter of the Book written.

Today, I updated the Ice Warriors history page and along with the leadership, I wrote the last stanza of this chapter called “Ice Warriors”.

The Final DaysCP Announces Shut Down

On the 1st of Febuary, 2017, the Ice Warriors army returned for one last time. Recently, Club Penguin announced that they will be shuting down the game on March 29th, 2017, and will be focusing more on their new game, Club Penguin Island. Following this announcement, CPAC and CP Armies went in a great emergency period. The Ice Warriors gathered for one last return. During this last run, Ice Warriors saw the return of great leaders like Andrew, Final Chaser, Ghost, Spy and even Kingfunks4 along with Cargo. We also saw many great and loyal owners like DrFlen, Shaa and DrMatt returning to the army.

Leaders: Ghost, Iceyfeet1234, Andrew24, Kingfunks4, Spy & Cargo


and the chapter entitled “Ice Warriors” ended….

Thanks to everyone who was once a part.

~DrFlen, Iceyfeet1234, Drew Crew & and the entire Ice Warriors upper staff


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