CPAC Intensifies [Semi-Final Results]

Chip edit: It was a good battle and no bots came. We lost according to the judges but it’s just a battle and we will move on! We are still number #1. Also, I have added some additional pictures to the results post AND pham’s recorded video of the battle, so be sure to check it all out!

The Ice Warriors maxed sizes of 40

Today we battled the Nachos for a spot in the finals, and somehow we lost to a 5-1 vote determined by CPAC judges, which in all cases was absolutely ridiculous. The cove was an obvious tie, with both us and the Nachos neck and neck, matching each other with everything. The Ice Rink was somewhat close, but the Nachos slipped towards the end and became very sloppy with their formations and tactics, yet the judges completely disregarded this and handed them the win. However it doesn’t surprise me. No matter who ends up on the winning side, or which army takes the L, CPAC always finds a way to screw it up and show off how extremely incompetent they are each and every time.

Anyone from either side would’ve agreed this was a distinctively close battle, and there in no way could have been a 5-1 outcome. But hey, how can we expect CPAC to host a fair & organized tournament when they can’t even go a week without making changes to their administration? No worries though, this wasn’t even the Legends Cup if we’re being completely honest (the March Madness tournament would’ve taken place at this time had CP not announced their closure), it was more of a last hoorah for any remaining armies left, just for a little extra fun before CPA closes on March 29th, and IW did not disappoint.

Everyone in this community expected IW to make it to the finals & win, even the Nachos themselves knew they had a slim chance of victory coming in, and its quite unfortunate that IW has to pay for the incompetence and sheer carelessness put on display YET AGAIN by CPA Central. However, we have much to be proud about. We’re still the #1 army, and we will continue to be until CPA closes. Pictures from today’s battle can be seen below.

2 pools


gg no re IW is still the best, don’t need a trophy that we’ve won three times to tell us so

2 Responses

  1. It was fun! I came!


  2. sieg heil thugsthugs thugs thugs thugs thugs thugs thugs


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