Get to Know IW: Regan, IW Mythic

Hey there Ice Warriors!

For this week’s edition of Get to Know IW, we’re talking to Regan! He is known as “that Irish dude on VC”, Blizzard sympathiser, best army rep and Head Judge in CPAH, Mr Britsout, former professional satire writer and much much more! Thankfully, we were able to spend a few minutes with the busy man for an interview!

Kally: Hello there Regan :waiting~6:

Regan: :Wave:

Kally: Are you ready for your trial interview?

Regan: Yes Yes I am :IWwaiting:

Kally: Okay first question. Why do you suck in Atwar so bad? :nuu:

Regan: That following statement is false. I’ll have you know I’ve been training with the Mr. Miyagi of Atwar himself, LuciferStar. I have just emerged as the victory against the army of Greek Feets. Hunky Chunky Finland. Turkish Monster & The Tanning Ukrainians (left early to go for a dip in their pool).

Kally: Ah those Greeks… But to a more serious topic. You are sitting here in front of me (virtually :aPES_Cough:) as the fourth person EVER to get IW Mythic. Is your liver still whole?

Regan: I’ll have you know that since receiving Mythic. I have been given more yard time from Iceyfeets basement prison. While usually I got 30 mins a day to roam around our playground of Summit I now get 90. With this extra time I’ve been able to explore what this ghost town has to offer. That’s when I found Icey’s pub located at 417 Albert Street, Downtown Summit. I went in and talked to the bartender who sounded like she was from Australia, said her name was Raven or something. I asked what she would recommend if someone is celebrating and she gave me 8 sour daithis, 4 jagerbombs, 11 pints of Cronins, 2 shots of absinthe and a strawberry daiquiri. However in the excitement of it all I had overstayed my curfew and I heard some footsteps out on the street. They sounded….. frozen. In comes Iceyfeet1234 who grabbed me by the ear and threw me into the recruiting mines. I slept in there that night and woke up 19 hours later with an incredible headache. So I do not think my liver is whole.

Kally: Oh my… I’m sorry, I hope you get better soon! Whilst we’re talking about health… How’s Alberto? Has split personality therapy helped so far?

Regan: I have no idea what you’re talking about O.o *sweats

Kally: UwU Sorry I misspoke cough, how’s Mare? How are the kids?

Regan: Well I’m sorry to report that this morning I was called “Enemy” by Mare. From my understanding she’s very angry about me destroying her empire on atwar. The Kids are good, Icequeen’s still feeling under the weather after catching British so hopefully she feels well soon, Poor girl still can’t pronounce her T’s…. The rest of the kids are keeping busy with school and things so I can’t complain.

Truly a family man

Kally: Do you ever feel ashamed to have a child diagnosed with British?

Regan: Not really ashamed but I feel more sorry. It’s horrible when you think of what they go through everyday. She wakes up every morning and hides all the potatoes in the press screaming “FAMINE FAMINE FAMINE FAMINE” and even goes as far as to try and force me out of my chair at times. She doesn’t understand that it’s not hers and she can’t just take it but she tries anyways bless her.

Kally: It’s a daily struggle… I think famine therapy could help. We heard that you’re a fan of Pewex. Care to tell us more about that?

Regan: Ah yes I wonder how you found out about my dear Pewex. I discovered Pewex one day while I was running 4 marathons for a charity very deal to my heart (donations click here). It was on this day that a friend of mine pulled up with a bag of Polish sweets. We tried these sweets at random and fell in love with Mamba sweets. we loved how they popped and it was just *drools. After that I discovered Pewex on one of my stroll back from the playground in Summit. I stopped in and spent all of my snowflakes on these sweets and crisps and I haven’t looked back.

Polish sweets or drinks, what’s the difference really?

Kally: So you talked about sweets, and we all know that breakfast is what makes the Ice Warrior truly powerful (especially if it’s burnt bagels). But what does Regan eat for breakfast? :02_Think:

Regan: Most mornings I have my amazing smoothie along with a bowl on weetabix topped off with a glass of my the blood of my enemies water or a cup of Lyons tea, Buy a box of Lyons tea in your nearest store now from as little as 1.99. That’s Lyons tea.

Kally: Lyons tea. Tea? Can you answer this question in Irish gibberish so we know you’re not secretly a Brit..?

Regan: Níl i tae Lyons ach an tae is fearr amuigh ansin. Síos le Barry’s.

Kally: Go raibh maith agat! In your last interview, you mentioned that you have a folder filled with secrets and memories. Would you be nice enough to share one of those secret memories with us, maybe one of your favourite ones so far? :cute:

Regan: ooooooo I don’t see why not. This is from the event after I got leader all the way back in April

This is from a twitch streamer we raided months ago too

Kally: It has been forever since you’ve been leader too!! What has kept you motivated for all this time?

Regan: The goal when I came back in February was to lead IW. Over a month later I became leader. My next goal was to win a tournament as leader. March madness rematch came up and I led IW to victory. Next was to get IW legend which seemed possible due to me being one rank away. That happened at the start of this month. I think what motivated me the most was having short term goals that I thought were possible along with the support form an amazing leadership team and incredible warriors.

Kally: CCX win next hopefully!

Before we wrap this up, is there anything you’d want the Ice Warriors to know about you, that they might not know already?

Regan: Well I think nows a better time than any to announce that me, Flamez, Erick and Alex have been talking and we have decided to reach out to you all and ask for you help on setting us free from Iceys basement forever. If you see Icey on main chat please ping him saying “LET THE LEADERS FREE”. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Kally: :iwpray: Thank you Regan for this wonderful interview.

Regan: I’m at the Pizza Hut I’m at the taco bell I’m at the combination Pizza Hut and taco bell

There you have it! Who do you want to see us interview next? Should we talk to the last person from the Alcoholics Holy Trinity? :E7~1: Thank you for reading, and as always…

:aesthHeart2: TPWK! :aesthHeart2:


Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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  2. LMAO DAD! I can pronounce my T’s thank you very much! 🤣Also Icey ahem, (Icey is also my Dad), you’re keeping the leaders’ hostage?! OH MY DAYS!!! 🤯

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  3. Good interview, also Icey plz let the leaders out of your basement :((


  4. Great post, Kally!


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