Q&A: Who is the best ATWAR player?

Hey there Ice Warriors!

This week I got the opportunity to ask a couple questions to our HCOM! What will we find out this week? Let’s get right into it!

We started off by asking Ice Mom Crisy about how she became the mom of IW!

Subster: How did you become the Ice mom of Ice Warriors?

Crisy: It all began in late May of this year (2020). I joined IW, because golds, my original army had shutdown. Not many people followed me to IW but Teddy my first daughter did. When we got here she decided to make her nickname “Teddy Crisys Babie”. As a joke, a few people copied her but soon enough more and more people started copying and I ended up having so many kids, that I became the Ice Mom. Ice Mom to me is about making people feel welcome in IW:goo~2:

It seems most of IW is related to Crisy, I’m an Ice Auntie and I love the huge Ice Family!

Next, we asked our leader Erick what his favourite word and emote tactics are.

Subster: What is your favourite emote and word tactic?

Erick: My favourite emote tactic would be the IW Salute (E+V), but if we had an IW dab as emote I’d probably use it all the time, that’s why I like using the dab emote on CPA (E+S). For word tactic, I have many, to be honest, but I’d probably pick “UNRIVALED” or “ICE WARRIORS FOREVER”

Subster: Some say you’re famous for your 6 liner tactics, is this correct?

Erick: Well, I like them just because they were the biggest big word bubbles I could find when we were preparing for invasions and wars. So I started creating many of them with Orange and we eventually got a whole list, then most of us started using it and well, now is a common thing I guess.

Most of the big word bubbles are the “MWMWMWMW” ones, which have variations. (according to Erick but they all look the same!)

We have the one question that’s burning in our brains; which leader is the best at ATWAR?

Flamez: Me (flamez)

Alex: Definitely Erick, he has been playing the game a lot in his free time and I’m really scared he’s going to invade me next time we play

Regan: The FUEA is the most powerful alliance ever formed.

Q: What is the FUEA?

Regan: Its name cannot be repeated I’m afraid.

Q: I see. What happened to the SLA then?

Regan: The SLA has been disbanded due to the actions by Erick backstabbing everyone. RIP SLA.

Unfortunately, we may never know what the FUEA and SLA actually is but who do you think is the true best atwar player? I highly doubt its Regan since I beat him in Atwar. If you ask him, he tells you I “cheated”, which I so didn’t.

Regans edit: Me and Subster agreed to not invade each others capitals until it was agreed on. Subster proceeded to invade my capital anyways which rendered her victory null and void. She also refuses to battle me again!

What are your thoughts on the leader’s responses? Are you also part of the Ice Family? What is your favourite tactic? Comment your thoughts below!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

4 Responses

  1. LOL great post and gj on beating Regan Subster x3
    Am I part of the ice family? idk :p
    I think my favorite tactic has to be EV/EH flicker :3


  2. ooooo im crisy’s niece!


  3. GG Subster on beating regan thats 100 steps ahead from regan
    I was Shinde’s 1st baby so maybe i am
    Fav Tactic EF/EL for Tree Cult :eh:


  4. Any tactic that involves calling someone a clown is my favourite!!
    Great post, Subs!!


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