What’s Cooking in the Ice Warriors Kitchen?

Hey Ice Warriors!

Holidays are coming up and many of us have different ways of celebrating, but what’s a holiday without food? I asked a couple of our staff members what they eat during the holidays and I got so many amazing responses! It’s probably best to read this post on a full stomach, writing it made me hungry!

Some IW staff having dinner at the Pizza Parlor! They ran out of tables so Abi had to eat her pizza at the piano and Blushock fell asleep!

Happy Holidays from IW! (and Diwix), sharing an amazing meal on CP Armies!

First up we have Shinde! She celebrates the holidays with a lot of delicious foods, let’s take a look!

Subster:Hi Shinde! I’m doing a post on traditional foods IW eats during the holidays! Would you mind sharing yours? :gooE:

Shinde:For Christmas Eve we traditionally prepare 12 vegetarian meals which can be different in each region of Poland. In my family, we make Borscht with mini dumplings (filled with mushrooms and potatoes), dumplings filled with sauerkraut and mushrooms, fried fish, Greek-style fish (stewed carrots, parsley and fried fish), fish in jelly, Kutia (which is a sweet dish consisting of boiled grain) or noodles with poppy seeds, herring salad with beans, vegetable salad, gingerbread, compote of dried fruits.

Borscht with mini-dumplings


All these dishes sound and look amazing! Thank you for sharing with us Shinde! The next person I talked to was Ice Mom, Crisy!

Subster: Hi Crisy!!! Can I ask you a question for the post I’m writing?

Crisy: Ofc sis:goo~2:

Subster: What kind of food do you eat for the holidays? :Awe:

Crisy: I come from a Hispanic family so we do have some unique foods. We typically have a large buffet. My favourite foods that we have would have to be pastelon de plátano Maduro and pink potato salad (Radishes make it pink). My two favourite deserts would have to be flan and sweetened condensed milk fruit salad! :penguinchristmas5: :fw_hearts:

Pink Potato Salad

Fruit Salad


Pastelon de plátano maduro

Thank you Ice Mom Crisy for sharing! Everything looks so yummy! Next up we have some more Hispanic foods from Lemonade!

Subster: Hey Lemon! What kind of foods do you eat around the Holidays?

Lemon: Oooo! I’m Hispanic so we tend to eat more Mexican-type foods for the holidays but my dad loves to cook and try out new recipes so he’s always making us different appetizers. Last year, we had mac n’ cheese balls and buffalo shrimp. Every year for the main dishes, we have tamales which are like steamed masa (dough) with stuff inside of it! For us, it’s usually pork and some type of salsa. My favourite is the chile Verde ones. We also have pozole which is a stew made with hominy and pork! We slow cook the stew for like a day so it’s always super tasty. We serve the soup with cabbage, radish, limes, and tostadas (toasted tortillas). For dessert, we tend to eat banana cream pie :ufff: and/or freshly baked cinnamon rolls or cookies!


Banana Cream Pie


The Pozole looks amazing! That might be my favorite so far, it looks so yummy. Law gave us a quick insight into her food traditions!

Subster: Hi Law! What kind of food do you eat during the holidays?

Law: A weird tradition we established in my fam is to have homemade burgers on 24th eve. Otherwise roast, potatoes and veggies on 25th and for new years usually sarma (sauerkraut rolls, filled with minced meat and rice)


I love how Law has a special Christmas Eve dinner too! We got to ask Iceyfeet what he eats on Christmas! Icey is famous for his breakfast snaps and his burnt bagels, but did you know he eats more than just burnt bagels?

Subster: What kind of food do you eat on Christmas?

Icey: Normally prime rib, roasted veggies, homemade ravioli and homemade chicken/meatball soup.

One of Icey’s famous food snaps! Meatball and chicken soup

Prime rib, vegetables and ravioli!

The meatball and chicken soup looks so yummy! Last but of course not least, we have Erick’s holiday foods!

Subster: Hey Erick! What do you eat for the holidays?

Erick: Mostly barbecue since it’s really common in my country but sometimes pizza. We eat mandioca, meat, chicken, chorizo (a type of sausage), salad, empanadas, etc.


Asado Argentino (Argentinian BBQ)

All of these look so delicious! Thank you to everyone who shared their food for the Holidays! I usually have home-made pizza on Christmas eve! What about you guys?

What are your holiday foods? Which foods do you think look the tastiest? Comment your thoughts below!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

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  1. In my family, we eat blood sausage :waiting:

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  2. Amazing post Subs💕 All this food has made me hungry! It all looks so yummy!

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  3. So that’s why I had to go the Pizza Parlor lol

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