What’s Cooking in the Ice Warriors Kitchen?

Hey Ice Warriors!

Holidays are coming up and many of us have different ways of celebrating, but what’s a holiday without food? I asked a couple of our staff members what they eat during the holidays and I got so many amazing responses! It’s probably best to read this post on a full stomach, writing it made me hungry!

Some IW staff having dinner at the Pizza Parlor! They ran out of tables so Abi had to eat her pizza at the piano and Blushock fell asleep!

Happy Holidays from IW! (and Diwix), sharing an amazing meal on CP Armies!

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IW Christmas / Holiday Traditions!!!

What’s Jingling Ice Warriors,

Can you believe it’s already December?!? You know what that means… it’s finally time to bring out the holiday spirit! When I came into Ice Warriors, I was in awe of the diversity our community has. My favorite thing is to hear the stories of troops/staff members as they talk about their culture and traditions they celebrate during the holidays! I decided to hop on my pretty pink sled and venture across the island to find out some cool penguins’ holiday traditions!!!

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