Trivia Thursday #3

Hey Ice Warriors,

Happy Thursday Ice Warriors! Shout out to those who participated in trivia Thursday last week! Lets look at our answers from last week and the new trivia Thursday questions this week!!

1. Any of the following people: burger#1111, Inferno#7451, Five#5050, Mantaray#1574, yeyprodigy#3599, Jakob The Friendlist Gamer#6026, Horbiflorbin#4881, Hero Macneal#7762, /infinite/#0231, angry156#4960, tomaro#2187, mini dynamo [chleb]#5604, girofighter#2108, GhostGirl#6329, HeadChicken#8888, or Gavinclark#8135

2. Kristina

3. IW Advisor Alexandra

4. Ben

5. Icequeen1020, Lemonade1S, or Kally


If you are new to Trivia Thursday, here’s an explanation of it: 

Every Thursday you’ll be asked 5 questions on a Trivia Thursday post and the first three people to answer these 5 questions correctly in the comments section down below will win snowflakes. The correct answers will be featured in next week’s Trivia Thursday post! Here are this week’s questions: 


1. When is our next cp rewritten event coming up?

2. Which trusted staff member usually hosts movie nights?

3. How many advisors do we have?

4. Name one person who has the title mythic in our Hall of Fame.

5. Who is one of the original leaders?


Do you know the answers to these trivia questions? Comment down below your answers!! The first three people who answer it correctly will receive snowflakes!


Ice warriors Forever!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff Member

6 Responses

  1. Tomorrow
    Subster (#subforlit)
    5 or 10


  2. 1. Friday February 11 2021-> 2PM UK
    2. Subster
    3. 7
    4. Ghost
    5. IceyFeet1234


  3. 1. Friday 11th 3pm CST
    2. Subster
    3. 5
    5. Iceyfeet


  4. 1. Friday Feb 11 2021 7AM MST
    2. Subster
    3. 7
    4. Regan
    5. Iceyfeet1234 or. Albert417


  5. 1. Friday February 11

    2. Subster


    4. Iceyfeet1244

    5. Iceyfeet1234


  6. 1. February 12 2021 (Friday) at 14:00 UK
    2. Subster
    3. Seven
    4. Iceyfeet1234
    5. Iceyfeet1234


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