Hello Ice Artists!

For the past few days you were able to attend in our art contest. Your aim this time was to make an art that will refer to St. Patrick’s Day! You could use the method and program that suits the best for you. Some of you did the digital art, other chose the traditional way and drew on paper.  Who won? Let’s see…

Due to the various type of entries we decided to choose more winners in different categories!

Winner of outfit: Chloe

Winners of digital artwork: Steph, Subster, Skylor, Teddy, Teny

Winners of traditional art: kozs2000, RedWalkzz, Zamirathegoddess

Winner of gacha art: Polly, A r t s y

Huge shout out to all who decided to participate! You are great artists. Stay tuned with our Discord server for more amazing contests!

Much love and see you around,

2 Responses

  1. Congrats guys, these are all so amazing!!


  2. Congrats!!!!!!


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