Fan Art Friday #20

Heya Ice Warriors

It’s Friday which means it’s time for this week’s edition of Fan Art Friday! Keep reading to see all the amazing artwork we’ve had this week! First off, we have a pixel art drawing made by one of our most respectful staff members, Josh!

Franz: Hi Josh! I loved all the colors on your pixel art drawing. What inspired you into drawing it?

Josh: So there were many things I had in mind when making this. It was initially planned to just be pixel art of Pichu, one of my favorite pokemon. After a little while, I had then thought about dressing it up in IW Uniform. The background I had made was based on one of my favorite backgrounds in Club Penguin as well. Really, I just got bored and I thought about making this, and it turned out amazing.

Next, we have a beautiful drawing from our Staff In Training, Al!

Franz: Hey there Al. I really liked your drawing. What inspired you to create this drawing and how long did it take you?

Al: Well the inspiration was from the Wings of Fire series, a lonely skywing, whose friend got hurt, and so did they, this took place when Glory attacked Queen Scarlet, and supposedly the two went against ambushing the dragonets, it took abt 30min.

For our third piece, we had a lovely drawing from our IW Veterans, Mindy

Franz: Hi Mindy! I love your drawing, what inspired you to make it?

Mindy: I
was inspired to draw it as a tribute to Daft Punk’s musical career coming to an end. I drew a digital drawing of them three years ago and decided to push my skill further!

Finally, we have a drawing from our Captain, Trails!

Franz: Hi Trails! This is such an amazing drawing. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. How long did it take you, and what inspired you into creating it?

Trails: 1. ”How long did it take you?” Answer: I don’t take some kind of a timer or keep and eye on the time from when I start to draw. I draw as long as needed and takes my time on it, patience is the key for an artist I would say.

And that wraps up today’s Fan Art Friday! If you ever have any drawings, make sure to post them in #Fan-Art for a chance to be featured in our next Fan art Friday. I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s Fan Art Friday! 

Ice Warriors Forever!

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