Meme Monday: Save IW from Furrid or have 2 more leaders?

Happy Monday Ice Warriors, :IWinfiniteDab: 

In this week’s article, we have some fun memes made by our lovely troops. Read down below to see if your meme is featured in the post.

First of all, we have a meme made by our lovely Major, Glitter.

Hey, I was wondering since the meme is talking about Orange and Flamez‘s retirement, How do you feel about their retirement?

Glitter: Im sad I think they should stay

Next up, we have a meme by our amazing corporal, p1nguino.

How did you make your meme? Or is there any special app that you use?

p1nguino: you can use meme templates from others and insert your own text, and upload your own templates!

Last but not least, a meme made by our generous Colonel, SuperEvilSlayer17

Hey there, I know we all love snowflakes, but I was wondering if you had a lot of snowflakes which roles would you buy in our shop and why? :snowflake~1:

SuperEvilSlayer17: I want to buy the creator in training role because I’ve been saving up for it and I’ve been doing that because I think it will be cool and after buying that ill buy Private in training and so on. Oh and I also want to buy the special roles like Icey’s elves and paddys Ice Shamrock. Basically, I want more roles than josh.

And that is all for our Meme Monday. What was your favorite meme and why? Let us know down below in the comment section. If you want your meme to be featured in the next meme Monday make sure to post it in the #iw-memes channel in our discord. :purpleshearts:

Ice warriors Forever :Kithes:

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