Sub Zero Murder Mystery

Hey Ice Warriors, 

Today we came upon a grisly discovery in the quiet capital of Sub Zero. In the late hours of the night, a murderer roamed the island! Nobody knew what happened or what to do but fear not. Thanks to the clues we were given by troops, we have pieced together the details to this murder mystery. Join us in the journey of this unsettling mission to bring justice to Sub Zero. 

Jane Doe was waddling through the Snow Forts having a great day. They were on their way to the big battle. But when they least expected it, they were struck down by an anonymous murderer! Who could it have been and why did they do it?

What was the motive? We looked around the Snow Forts for evidence but couldn’t find anything! What could it be? We kept looking and waddled over to the Town, and even to the Docks. We still couldn’t find anything! After a while, after talking to the Leaders-in-Training who oversee the Snowflake Bank, we discovered that the Snowflake Bank had been robbed! It must have come to the murderer’s concern that more funds were needed for the Bank! 

After waddling around Sub Zero, all evidence pointed to the Dojo as the most likely scene of the crime. What better place than the birthplace of the Ice Warriors? After the battle was over, we headed over there as quickly as possible and found several pieces of further evidence there. What are these things doing here? And why is that puffle staring at me like that?

What was the cause of death though? We looked around the Dojo and found nothing but a lifeless Jane Doe. We kept waddling around with no solid evidence of the cause of death. But a few minutes later, hidden in the Water Dojo, we found hidden away, the malicious food, known as the Poisoned Bagel

So who was it? Who was the killer… It was none other than…

Iceyfeet himself!!

The Court of the Law charged Icey with a penalty of $1 million snowflakes and 48 hours in the recruiting mine for his crime, and the quiet capital of Sub Zero finally knew what peace and justice was again. 

That wraps up this story Ice Warriors! Did you guess the murderer with your hints?

Massive thank you to Subster for providing us with the graphics for this Murder Mystery event!

Until next time Ice Warriors, Don’t Freeze Up!

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