Is there a true hidden meaning behind the Iceyfeet name?

Why Hello there IW troops! Nice Saturday evening isn’t it?

A couple days ago, fellow Staff members, Dany, Subster and Purple, were wondering how did the infamous creator of our army, Iceyfeet1234, come up with his name? It had us brainstorming. It has been kept a mystery for a while now. He has several times affirmed that he just came up with his name, but there has to be a hidden meaning behind it right? Like, What does the 1234 in his name mean? Keep reading to find out more!

Some of the things we came up with was that, perhaps the bagel lover keeps his socks or shoes in the freezer?  Could this be a possible reason, we don’t know for sure, but we sure as heck will find out.

The Origin Story of Iceyfeet1234

There’s a rumor going around Ice Warriors, that Iceyfeet got his name by putting his socks in the freezer and putting his frozen socks back on his penguin feet. How did this come to be though? One day, long before IW was created, Icey (Icey was his first name) was waddling through Subzero, the future capital of IW when his shoe fell off and his sock went with it! He turned around to pick up his shoe and sock when a white puffle stole his shoe! Icey went chasing after the little puffle, his flipper hitting the cold snow and ice as he ran, suddenly his other shoe fell off! Icey was still chasing the white puffle but with no shoes and one sock on. When he finally caught up to the puffle, he had discovered his shoe was all chewed up by the puffle but luckily his socks were still intact. Icey looked for his other shoe but it was gone! It had fallen into the water at the docks, soaking and ruining his shoe completely. Iceys feet were beginning to get super cold, so he put on his other sock to warm up his feet, but his other sock was ice cold! Icey waddled home in his cold socks but eventually he got used to the cold on his flippers. By the time he got home he had taken his socks off and began waddling in the snow, bare-flipper! He stuck his socks in the freezer so they would be cold for the summer. Ever since then, icey has waddled around Subzero in his bare flippers when he met Albert, who gave him the nickname “Iceyfeet” and it stuck with him ever since, so now all of IW calls Icey, Iceyfeet! Icey eventually added numbers to his last name, thus he became the famous Iceyfeet1234. 

But is this story true? Keep reading to see the interview Purple conducted on Iceyfeet1234.

I know there’s a lot of questions in your mind, like why did Icey pick 1234 or does Icey put his sock in the freezer. Well, I interview the one and only sir feet to learn more about it. Some of the answers might be surprising. Find out more in this special interview.

Purple: Is there a true hidden behind the Iceyfeet name?

Icey: No true hidden meaning, I actually got the name from the movie happyfeet

Purple: What does 1234 means?

Icey: I was thinking of random numbers to pick for my name and couldn’t think of anything, so I just decided to do 1234

Purple: Did you choose to add ¨Ice¨ in your name because of ¨Ice Warriors¨?

Icey: nope, I created Ice Warriors and the name a short time after I made my club penguin account,so the name IceyFeet came first!

Purple: Are your feet always cold?

Icey: I’d say they are cold 50/50

Purple: Do you put your socks in the freezer?: 

Icey: :eyes:

So there you have it, Ice Warriors! The truth and only truth, but is it!? We are not 100% sure that all this information given by the IW Creator is certainly correct… Icey never confirmed our suspicions about putting his socks in the freezer. Does he have cold feet in telling us his secrets? Given the theory and answers, it almost doesn’t match up…, but i guess that is going to be a mystery for another time!

Enjoy your day and Best wishes to you all!

3 Responses

  1. Amazing article! ❤️


  2. How does he dont have frostbite yet


  3. Hey! I do that too, but instead, they go in the refrigerator.


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