Sunday Funday Games!

Happy Sunday Ice Warriors!

Ever read the Sunday newspaper and you found that section where is was nothing full of games and comics! Well, thats exactly what I wanted to bring you guys today! Purple and Headchicken provided yall a fun article with games and stuff to destress with! We will provide the correct answers in next week’s article! Read down below to find out more!

Unscramble the phrase!
We have provided three random phases commonly said in Ice Warriors, think you can unscarmble them? Let us know in the chat below!!

1. iba si a urfyr

2. Iecuqene si otn hte lrae lesa

3. Ondt efreze up

Word Search

In this puzzle, there are 11 words hidden!! These words can be hidden diagnonally, horizontally, vertical, upside-down and backwards! Go ahead and see if you can find all 11 words. Good Luck finding them!

The words are: Ice Warriors, Event, Icey, Leaders, Snowflakes, Battles, Noob, Kally, Reporter, Games & Penguin

Where’s Waldo!! But Staff!

Think you can find one of our trusted Staff/ Staff members in theses event photos? Some of them are a hard one so good luck!!

Can you find IceQueen (CP User: IceQueen1020)in this photo? :elsa::noelsa~1:

Can you find Freedomist (CP User: FreedomistIW) in this photo?

Can you find Girofighter (CPUser:Girofire) in this photo?

We hoped you like this new edition of Sunday Funday games! Remember to tell us your answers in the comments section down below! If you want to continue seeing more of these types of articles down the future, please DM DrQueen!

Until then, Don’t Freeze up! 

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