Meme Monday: An IW Baby’s first words!

Heyo Ice Warriors!

Hope you’re having a great start to the week! Today’s Meme Monday post is a compilation of some of the memes that have been posted in the #IW-memes channel! You all never fail to make me laugh, continue reading to find out which memes have been selected for this week!

First up, we have a meme from our Private, Jevil!

IceQueen: It’s a really funny meme! How did you make it?

Jevil: Well, go to imgflip, you can make GIFs and make memes and it’s free. 😊

Next is a meme from our Head General, SuperEvilSlayer17!

IceQueen: This is a great meme, what was the reason behind making it?

SuperEvilSlayer17: Well my brother told me very proudly that he bought the janitor role and I remembered someone in the main chat was also saying that the janitor role was tops and I thought it was a good idea for a meme.

The following meme is made by our Staff In Training, Blueraven!

IceQueen: What’s the story behind the meme?

Blueraven: The story is that you and Erza had matching PFPs, and I kept getting confused about who is who so I made this meme.

This meme is from our Sergeant 1st Class, P1nguino8!

Here is some more information about the meme from P1nguino8:

‘My sleeping schedule is broken, because most of the time the events are at midnight or really near midnight for me. My parents are always angry at me when I’m awake at midnight, so most of the time the only events I can attend are the AUSIA events.’

Thank you P1nguino8 for always trying your best to come to the events when you can!

The last meme for today is from our Head General, ReddyRed6xx9!

IceQueen: It’s one hilarious meme LOL, what was the inspiration behind it?

ReddyRed6xx9: I was definitely inspired by Freedomist saying you’re the fake Elsa (you’re the real one dw). Second, Purple is called NOOB EVERYWHERE ngl (fr tho, great staff) and DrQueen protects her (again, great LiT). The last one was inspired by the ‘I simp for IceyFeet’ emote from IW XD. This is one of my favourite meme template tbh.

Thank you to everyone for making our community more fun and wholesome with these memes!

Which meme is your favourite? Comment below to let us know!

If you would like a chance for your meme to be featured next time, make sure to post it in the #IW-memes channel of our Discord!

Love Yourselves!

4 Responses

  1. when icequeen picks the last meme just because it says not to call her the fake elsa… what bias…






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