Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: April 26th 2021

Hej Ice Warriors!

It’s another Monday, and I hope everyone had an amazing start to the week! This also means that we have brand new Troop, Recruiter, and Staff Member of the Week to crown! Keep on reading to find out who it is this week!

Troops of the Week: Erin & Aiga

Not too long ago, the Ice Warrior ranks were blessed by our now Captains Erin and Aiga. Both are always in the frontlines at all events and you might even know Erin from her VC leading an event not too long ago, helping make the event a raging success! Erin also calls herself the Policewoman of IW, which you can also see on her playercard! Aiga has the cutest dogs, check them out below! Congrats on Troop of the Week you two! Keep it up!:pinkhearts:


Cutest doggos ever!!!

Recruiter of the Week: Et3rnal_Vo1d

Et3rnal_Vo1d is one of the most dedicated IW troops around. Not only does he attend events, but he’s also active in the chats and an often visitor of our beloved game events! After joining the Recruiting Warriors, Et3rnal has been rocking it, and helping the Frozen Family grow! Thank you Et3rnal!:g_spinheart:

Et3rnal the MC pro teaching IceQueen how to play Minecraft

Staff Members of the Week: Waddle & Purple

Now now, our two Staff Members of the week are quite special, as they are both members of the Avocado Family.

Waddle joined the Ice Warriors back in 2020, and as a part of our AUSIA division, she is truly the definition of the “ausia stronk”. Over weeks and months, she has put in minutes and hours towards making IW a better place. For that, dear Meep Moop Mapple, we thank you, but please go sleep you really need some sleep :waddlegosleep::blueheart~6:

Purple is also from the 2020 generation and has stuck around with IW for quite some time! Besides being a total noob, Purple supervises the IW website and makes sure all reporters are on route with their articles! You too have a messed up sleep schedule but thank you for all of your efforts, they don’t go unnoticed! :bunny_love~1:

I dare everybody reading this to do it

Make sure to congratulate Erin, Aiga, Et3rnal, Purple and Waddle when you see them on main chat! As always…


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