New Ladder Kally?! Q&A

Why Hello there Ice Warrior troops! Lovely Tuesday isn’t it?

This month of April is still surprising us so far! There have been many events and news that have impacted IW in a way, such as, our recent match against the armies, Help Force, and Water Vikings the Spring Showdown Tournament. That isn’t the best part of the pack, whereas the most exciting and hype-giving moment of the month in April is Kally’s big promotion to Leader! Kally has worked really hard for this moment! Kally has shown great dedication and love for the army and after one year of service, she has received one of the highest IW ranks.

Now let us proceed with this Q&A and ask people their thoughts on these two big events of this month, let’s go, shall we? :mlady:


How do feel about Kally being Promoted to leader? :hmm~6:

Josh: Oh it’s very exciting, any big promotion is very hype, but when it’s a leader promotion, that is a very special case.

Chevy: I personally feel really happy for Kally :heart: I’ve been in her Avocado Family for a while now and even though she said she would disown me for liking Smooth Peanut Butter, I still think she’s a great mother :avocado: Seeing her become a leader is SUPER awesome because (if I remember correctly) I saw her when she was a Trusted Staff and I was a troop and now that she’s a leader and I’m almost HCOM is just crazy to me. I can’t wait to see the great things she accomplishes in the future.

Erza: First of all I’d like to congratulate Kally on her well-deserved promotion to Leader and I am so happy for her as she has been working so hard to deserve this honor. The dedication with which she approaches the work or whatever she chooses to do is truly astounding. And I believe that’s amazing, also at last I’d like to say more power to her, and yeah she’s a true leader.

Congrats Kally on Leader!!


Why won’t you give Drqueen her cuddles?

Purple: WHAT, I give her a lot of cuddles tyvm :no:

Proof that Purple doesn’t give DrQueen her daily cuddles

What are your thoughts on our recent match on the Spring Showdown?

IceQueen1020: In my opinion, the Spring Showdown was a fun event that brought lots of armies together and really put the leading skills of Army Leaders to the test. This is because no army knew who they were battling against until the two armies met face to face in the battle rooms. It was a very interesting tournament as it only lasted for one day and was 3 mini battles squashed into 1 overall battle XD.

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  1. Loved the article Dany! Congratulations Kally on Leader! 💙💖🎉


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