Trivia Thursday #14

Hey Ice Warriors! It’s Thursday so it must mean it’s finally DrQueen’s retirement event… wait no. It’s Trivia Thursday! As always, before I announce this week’s questions let’s go over last week! There were a total of 8 ANSWERS, thank you all for participating! There can only be 3 winners, though, and those winners are Blushock, Dave, and TheNathanBoy. Good job guys! Now, here are the answers to last week’s trivia:

1) Sub Zero

2) Ben (The Advisor)

3) Answers may vary: Subster, qt Ben/Bean, Kayles/Kale

4) 12

5) Sunday, April 25th

If you are new to Trivia Thursday don’t fret! It’s actually very simple to participate, just comment down below your answers! The first three to answer all five questions correctly will get SNOWFLAKES (and also some clout). The correct answers to this week’s questions will be shown in the next Trivia Thursday post, so stay tuned! Now… this is what you’ve all been waiting for… this week’s questions are:

1) What are the three divisions listed on the Ice Warriors ranks page?

2) What is the name of the medal given to Ice Warriors that attended the ACP battle on June 14th, 2020? (HINT: Check the Medals page!)

3) How many 3rd in Commands are there?

4) How many allies does IW have?

5) How many members total are in the Polar division?

Cut! That’s it for today’s trivia, if you think you know the answers don’t be afraid to comment them down below! Also, if you have any questions you want to be asked in a Trivia Thursday just shoot me (Chevy#0025) a DM and they might be included in the next Trivia Thursday!


8 Responses

  1. 1.) EU, US, AUSIA

    2.) ACP Destroyer Medal

    3.) 9

    4.) 3 (4 if you count DW)

    5.) 1025


  2. 1. Blizzard, Polar, Arctic
    2. ACP destroyer
    3. 9
    4. 3
    5. 1025


  3. 1) Blizzard / USA, Polar / EU, Arctic / AUSIA
    2) 9
    3) ACP Destroyer/Loyal Warrior
    4) 9 listed on nation page; 10 including fire warriors unless dark warriors doesn’t count because its not exactly a cp army anymore
    5) 1026 based on the reaction count in role-menu at time of comment


  4. 1- Polar, Blizzard, Artic
    2-ACP Destroyer


  5. 1) POLAR, Blizzard amd Arctic
    2) ACP Destroyer
    3) 9 3rd in commands, soon u too Chevy ❤
    4) 2 main armies, RPF and DW, but 9 in total
    5) 1027 currently


  6. 1) POLAR, Blizzard amd Arctic
    2) ACP Destroyer
    3) 9 3rd in commands, soon u too Chevy ❤
    4) 2 main armies DW and RPF, but 9 in total
    5) 1027 currently


  7. 1) Polar, Blizzard and Arctic
    2)ACP Destroyer
    3) 9 3ic’s
    4) 3
    5) 1028 based on the role-menu reactions


  8. 1. Polar, Blizzard, Arctic
    2. ACP Destroyer
    3. 7
    4. 5
    5. 1035 based on now


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