Fan Art Friday #22

Hey Ice Warriors!

To end the week on a good note, get ready for this week’s Fan Art Friday!! As always we have so many amazing artists in IW, it’s hard to choose just one! Keep reading to see what these artists have made, and also get into the minds of the artist.

For our first piece, we have a group drawing by our Staff In Training, ItsZombieBattler!

Kayles – Hey Zombie! The art you posted looks really nice, what program did you use for it?

Zombie –  I used Flipaclip, an animating app. I’m thinking about making animations with them as the main characters. 


With our second artwork, we have a friendly snowball fight drawn by our Private, LUISA!

Kayles – Hey Luisa! What was your inspiration for the snowball fight? It looks amazing!

Luisa – That piece shows the relationship that is created between friends. 


Next is our third piece of an original character, drawn by our Private First Class, WorkerMode!

Kayles – Hey Worker! I love the style of your character, what inspired you to make an OC?

Worker – My character has been one I’ve had for years, but she’s going through many design changes. The one you see is the final one I’ve come to.


And for our last piece, we have a wonderful piece made by our Head general, ReddyRed!

Kayles – Hey Red! What is the story behind your piece? It’s very detailed.

Reddyred – It’s for DrQueen, a guy who is delivering her newly ordered bonk weapon. 


That’s it for today Warriors! Make sure to comment down below which piece was your favorite. If you want your art to be featured in the next post, make sure to post it in the #Fan-Art channel on our Discord! As always, Don’t Freeze Up!

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  1. Amazing art you guys ❤


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