Behind the Scenes: How We Host Our Game Events

Hey there Ice Warriors! Today we take a behind-the-scenes look into two very popular games, Roblox and Minecraft, and check out how our staff members host events on them! These two specific games take a lot of prep work before we can host anything. How are our events planned out and scheduled? Continue reading to find out!

First, let’s get a sneak peek and see how Rein and her Roblox Mods host their events!

Hey Robloxians, it’s Rein here and today I have some Bloxy News. Before I start be sure to join the Roblox group to be able to play games: Click here to join Once you join please put your Roblox username in #roblox-whitelist.

On April 11th, the group was released and since then we have gained 177 members. I can’t thank y’all enough, running a group like this has always been my dream, but now it’s my reality! On April 24th, to be exact, we hosted our first event regarding group games!

The first event on the IW Roblox Server

An example of one game that the Roblox Mods have hosted events on is Laser Tag. This game went through many changes. For example, some new trails are in development, there was a sidebar update, a new name, and weapon (clashes + sword), and the game is now automatic! If you would like weekly updates on any group game please favorite it by pressing the star next to the like button.

This is only the beginning of development in the group. Here to enchant your mind are some sneak peeks of upcoming games:

And here’s our last sneak peek: a new game Capture the Flag:

Before we end this off though, our Trusted Staff, Purple will get a quick interview with one of the Roblox Mods: Fake Elsa… I mean IceQueen!

Purple: What is it like being a Roblox mod?

IceQueen: It’s been really exciting as we just launched the new Roblox server not too long ago! Rein, our Roblox game developer, and server manager has been working super hard over the last couple of weeks and we hope that this server will allow troops to have more fun in Ice Warriors 🙂 Some of the main things I do as a mod help to coordinate the events and whitelist troops who join the server.

Purple: What kind of events does your game host?

IceQueen: Our events consist of different games. We’ve tested 2 games so far! ‘Laser Tag’ and ‘Capture the Flag’, these games were made by Rein and belong to the IW Roblox Server, they are exclusive to all troops that have a Club Penguin Rewritten Account in Ice Warriors. There’s lots more to come so keep an eye out!

Purple: How do you prepare for an event?

To prepare for an event, we select the game, ensure that all the permissions and graphics are working correctly, and then announce it in #games-centre channel. We whitelist any new troops that have met the requirements and then we start the event!

Wow! It must take a lot of work to make those games. Now we take a deep dive and see how Subster and her MC Mods host events!


Hello Minecrafters of IW! I’m here to give some insight on our Minecraft server, behind the scenes! You may think it’s easy to run a Minecraft server for a whole discord but with 50+ people whitelisted on our MC server, it’s not! The mods and I always try to make sure everyone is having fun by planning events such as; Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunts, Slaying events, PVP tournaments, and more, which you can earn awesome prizes for attending! But what exactly do the Minecraft mods do on the server besides hosting events? We do many different things for our servers like making sure people haven’t been robbed, building new things in spawn, creating shops for everyone to have access to, award systems, and more. (Although crashing the server isn’t in the job description, that happens too)

This summer we have many plans coming up! With the cave & cliffs update, this does mean we’re gonna be purging the entire server but we can save your builds too! After we purge the server we can paste your builds into our new world (the server may be down for a bit while we do this). After the world reset and everything is ready, we’ll also have a new shop coming in where you can do jobs like farming, fishing, etc to earn money in Minecraft which you’ll be able to exchange for various items in the shop. We have many other plans which we won’t reveal just yet!

Getting prepped for the Wither event!

How do you join the Minecraft server though? It’s actually super easy! Just follow the steps below.

  1. You have to get promoted to Private First Class to join (DM a staff member or higher to learn how to get promoted)
  2. You have to be in our discord for one full week or longer!
  3. Add your Minecraft name to the whitelist channel (which you can only see as private first class and any higher rank)
  4. You must have bought Java, as cracked and t-launcher doesn’t work on our server

It’s as simple as that! Our server has much to do and explore on a daily and we always love to see troops online having fun and building awesome houses or other builds. Keep reading to see Purple interview an MC Mod on how they prep their events!


Purple: What is it like being an MC mod?

Being a Minecraft mod is great…when you get to accidentally crash the server multiple times and annoy the living crap out of Subster LOL. In all seriousness though, it’s honestly a very fun experience, mainly because I get to host a lot of big events (that definitely won’t crash anything- ender dragon and wither events are a big favorite for me) and always coming up with ideas for what to do next and how we can change the server and make it better for people. It’s also a lot of fun building stuff and experimenting with new things for events. I only wish subs paid us for this.

Purple: What kind of games does your game host? 

Snow: I mostly game host pretty large-scale events, such as the ender dragon event I hosted a long time ago and a special hide and seek event inside a huge mansion. The most recent game event i hosted was the wither event in that large bedrock arena back in February, which was meant to last longer where everyone would fight it in the wither/end but then the server crashed.

Purple: How do you prepare for an event?

Snow: So depending on the event, I start setting everything up at least a day or a few days before and give myself a clear idea of how the event will work, such as the rules and where the event will take place. Building stuff doesn’t take too long now thanks to the lifesaving world edit command. For my events, I usually make sure there’s a spawn point where everyone can get themselves ready for the event and clear their things if they need to. I also make sure commands and settings for the event are already way before the event starts  

If you have any other questions about Minecraft you can dm any MC mods!

There you have it, now you have a behind-the-scenes look into how our game events are hosted! The schedule for game events is always posted in #games-centre, so go check it out if you want to play some games with us. Comment what your favorite game event is down below and, as always, waddle on!

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